Bob Bojorquez is a talented musician and songwriter.

Bob Bojorquez has been playing and writing music for over 50 years. He grew up in Southern California and in the late 60's was close enough to the Hollywood music scene to be influenced by many of the great artists and performers of that era. Bob says that music is in his being all the time and he cannot go a day without it. Moving to Hawaii was a great musical experience for Bob. He fell in love with the rhythmic and melodic sound of Hawaiian slack key music. He started teaching himself slack key guitar and he started writing his own slack key guitar music. It was a very fortunate when Bob and Joe met and started talking about the kind of music they enjoyed playing. That day they listened to each other play and decided that they should play and write music together.

Facts about me

  • Loves playing rock and rock music
  • Loves playing Spanish classical music
  • Loves playing funky blues music
  • Loves playing Hawaiian slack key music
  • Loves living in Hawaii
  • Loves his family and his wonderful wife, Julie